About Gravesend Flag Company

We consider flag & banner decorating an art... We'll decorate your business uniquely, with originality in design & concept.

Established in 1986, we have over 20 years of experience supplying and installing flag poles in the New York metropolitan area. Our pride is in customer satisfaction as explained in the following:

  1. Understanding customer needs
  2. Educating our customers on the specifics of flagpoles such as:
    • Materials, dimensions and specifications
    • Recommendation for size & location
    • Aesthetic aspects
    • Recommended flag & banner size to be used
    • Operation of flagpoles & banner poles
    • Colors & finishes
    • Installation procedures & requirements
    • Maintenance
    • Supplying drawings with pole specification & detailed information
    • Design & production of custom-made flags & banners
  3. To see projects through from the beginning to its completion with the highest in customer satisfaction.

Company History

Gravesend Flag Company began in March of 1986 and incorporated in November of 1988. The name Gravesend is a community located in Brooklyn, New York. it is derived from 2 Saxon words "Grafes Ende" which means at the end of the grove. It's origin places it to Gravesend, England. Its birth in the New World began in spring of 1643, a community developed on the precepts of religious freedom.

I Peter Mazzoli, as owner and president of Gravesend Flag Company Inc. would like to thank my father, Pasquale Mazzoli who originally conceived the idea of going into business. My father was American born, but whos parents were Italian-Americans. He was a praised community leader, activist and a store owner in Gravesend, Brooklyn. He greatly assisted in developing what my company is today.

We began as a dealer of stock flag and flag pole items. Shortly after we began designing and producing custom-made flags and banners with our own in house art department. That same year we developed the skills to become professional outdoor event decorators, using flag industry products. The after the events of "911" with increased partiotism we began installing commercial and residential flagpoles.

Products & Services

Flagpoles & Banner Poles

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Custom Made Flags & Banners

Please call (718) 265-6325 for more information on custom flags & banners (full contact information).

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Stock Flags & Banners

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